Greeeetings Earthlings…

#UThghtWrng is a new blog that will bring you the most interesting people we encounter here in the center of the universe and beyond. Everyday we meet new characters and begin relationships with like minded individuals. Creating a network with people from MC’s to fashion designers, from athletes to skaters, and bloggers, writers, party goers…the list is endless. WE want to SHARE your visions. Tell us your story…and follow those that are walking similar paths.

Through our posts we believe that many people will love, learn, and benefit from in some way shape or form! But in life there are always going to be people that think OURS and any other positive movements are just meh. But eh, if you

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too are in this category of life form, maybe you are on the wrong site. Or perhaps just found the exact one you’ve needed.

Check for testamonials from everyone we blog about. Get their story. And hear what they have to say about obstacles along the way.

“F#@k what you thought…YOU THOUGHT WRONG!”

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