Welldone Productions up in this beach.
We have a sick video that goes just awesome with the beats by Welldone Productions
Shit is cray. please take it in.
His beats were too sick. Now he has to beat the Sickness.
Thght Process below.

Thee Questions

UTW-Who are you?
Welldone– Garrett Welldone

UTW-What is your passion?

UTW-What’s your biggest accomplishment to date?
Welldone-Welldone has opened for a few fairly known acts.
Such as Zeds dead, Redman and Swollen Members.

UTW-Perseverance is key in proving to yourself AND any detractors out there. We tell em’ “You thought wrong” what else would you like to say to any doubters right now?
Welldone-They Doubt us but show no product. Fuck the doubters and haters. They don’t phase us at all. The Bass6 All day.

UTW-Thanks for everything, where can people find your work and get in contact with you?



J Com out

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