Fresh Kils performs his Sound Battle Royale Championship winning routine, right from the Kilzone kitchen. His skills on the MPC are too ill. Please take it in, and stay tuned for more from Fresh Kils.
Check out The Thght Process Q & A below.

UTW-Who are you?
Fresh Kils-Fresh Kils; producer, engineer, performer…

UTW-What is your passion?
Fresh Kils-Being close to, and helping shape, the creative process in the studio, feeding off the energy and enjoying the vibe of great artists, making great music.

UTW-What’s your biggest accomplishment to date?
Fresh Kils-2 of the 5 Juno Nominations for Best Rap Recording of 2011 were done in my studio, The Kilzone; Ghettosocks’ “Treat of the Day” (engineer/producer) & D-Sisive’s “Vaudeville” (producer).

UTW-Perseverance is key in proving to yourself AND any detractors out there. We tell em’ “You thought wrong” what else would you like to say to any doubters right now?
Fresh Kils-I’m a very a humble person, and my music isn’t for everyone, and that’s cool. But I’ve been doing 2-3 studio sessions a day for the past 5 years. I’m more hip hop than you. I’m more hip hop than your whole crew combined, and I’ve worked with more legends and talents than you ever will. Much respect given, and due.

UTW-Thanks for everything, where can people find your work and get in contact with you?
Fresh Kils-You can cop my last record, with my production partner Uncle Fester as The Extremities, The Mint Condition here;
And my youtube channel with the latest routines straight out The Kilzone;


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