We have Zeyon how dropped his mixtape on Valentines day, for all the ladies! The R&B album showcases the stregth of Zeyon and his voice. This is defiantly going to get the ladies going, Z is one lucky man.
With that, Zeyon also released a valentine video, 02/14, check it out and make sure to take in the mixtape. Below is also his Thght Process Q & A.

Download Here-ZeYon-Fourteen[Mixtape]

UTW-Who are you?
Zeyon-Zeyon aka Yung Trippy

UTW-What is your passion?
Zeyon-I’m a singer and song writer. I don’t view myself as a musician but as an artist who expresses all my feelings and eventful moments through the craft of music. I do what I do not because I have to or feel pressured to be a lime light star but, entirely because that is the only time I seem to be at peace. I love it

UTW-What is your biggest accomplishment to date?
Zeyon-I would have to say that my biggest accomplishment has yet to arrive.
I have worked with a few memorable individuals as well received their acknowledgments however, I seek for my music to reach and touch each individual in a positive manner, then and only then will I feel accomplished.

UTW-Perseverance is key in proving to yourself AND detractors out there.
We tell em “You thought wrong” what else would you like to say to any doubters right now?
Zeyon-Really I’ve learned to never speak to your doubters directly through blogs or any kind of social media. I’ve learned to let my craft and gift do the talking because, doubters or hater are only your biggest fans in a prideful gown. So to every doubter out there I wish you all the best in your en devours, you too can be great if you wish to.

UTW-Thanks for everything, where can people find your work and get in contact with you?
Zeyon-Zeyon Sings on Facebook, follow @zeyonsings on twitter and youtube at zeyon777

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