Miami Dreaming is the first project in a collection of releases by Berg Beaugé. The title reflects the concept of escapism, the dream of the Haitian, going against all odds to reach the shores of Miami.

Miami is not so much a place but a goal. Miami Dreaming deals with Berg’s personal journey explored over his cousin’s and co-colaborator’s production,Ethics Gallardo.

Berg teams up with JR Mint, Rich Kidd,Junia-T, and Blake Carrington the way to deliver a soulful passionate and powerful debut. After years of hard work we present the first in a

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series of dreams,Miami Dreaming.
Enjoy the dope mixtape, and check out Berg’s Thght Process below!

Download Here-Miami Dreamin-Berg Beaugé [Mixtape]

UTW – Who are you?
Berg – I am an Artist, a performer, a composer, a new sound, a visionary, a fighter, a lover, a dreamer, passionate, loved, and hated, just like you.

UTW – What is your passion?
Berg – Creating music that moves people, creating my own sound and identity
as an artist.

UTW – What’s your biggest accomplishment to date?
Berg – The project (Miami Dreaming) I will be releasing in the near future is by far my greatest accomplishment. It’s knowing there isn’t a record out there that sounds like it whether vocally speaking or production wise, it’s fresh and original. Mos def having my cousin and partner Ethics Gallardo pushing me in new directions and challenging me as an artist is a blessing.

UTW – Perseverance is key in proving to yourself AND any detractors out there. We tell em’ “You
thought wrong” what else would you like to say to any doubters right now?
Berg – Good music and true artistry speaks for itself, I’ve little to say for my detractors. Small fish swim in the fish bowl.I’m thinking big.

UTW – Thanks for everything, where can people find your work and get in contact with you?
Berg – For the latest on Berg Beaugé check out, for all booking, collaboration contact Look out for the Official video for my single the Coldest feat Rich Kidd coming soon. Peace!!

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