Our family Scott Ramirez with a new track he released a couple weeks ago.
Check it out and listen carefully to my 80s babies, Nintendo, that is all. Check out his Thght Process Interview below also.

UTW-Who are you?
Scott Ramirez-Rhyme-slinger. Graphic Designer. & Real Life Documentarian.

UTW-What is your passion?
Scott Ramirez-Music. Art. & Life!

UTW-What’s your biggest accomplishment to date?
Scott Ramirez-Despite the ups & downs, this was a very creative & productive year. I’d go into detail but that’d be a novel onto it’s own. I’m just proud australian pokies online of Online Pokies the accomplishments I’ve gained in these past 12 months. Just gotta keep the momentum going, I’ve got more on the way.

UTW-Perseverance is key in proving to yourself AND any detractors out there. We tell em’ “You thought wrong” what else would you like to say to any doubters right now?
Scott Ramirez-You. Will. Not. Stop. Me.

UTW-Thanks for everything, where can people find your work and get in contact with you?
Scott Ramirez-Find my music here www.thisisscottramirez.bandcamp.com, here soundcloud.com/scottramirez 
And ScottRamirez.ca coming soon to a computer screen near you!

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