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Off a short hiatus  Mr. 12for12 AKA Rez Raida, now Shuttlesworth gives us a 12 track album, Teleportation Exists, with some whimsical tracks and some real deep track. Some great production and dope features. Take it in and enjoy.

Nothing could be more perfect just before Valentines Day than MUSIC TO F#%* TO. Our brother Sanga Genesis has blessed us with this amazing mix, check it out!

“MTFT is a mixtape series curated to set the mood to be played and shared between two people who are attracted to each other. Just let your guard down , vibe out and explore….”

J Com Out

ITZSOWEEZEE (aka one of the sickest group of people, that have created one of the sickest Blogs). They do a monthly Spotlight Series of some ill Djs. This month they are featuring J-Lah. Please read more about the Spotlight Series and some words from J-Lah himself.

ITZSOWEEZEE Spotlight Series is a new mix series that highlights the incredibly talented DJs and producers that make up the ITZSOWEEZEE ranks, as well as our extended music family. Each month, we’ll bring you a fresh mix that reflects the diverse style and flavour of our crew. This is an opportunity to “meet” our selectors, enjoy some amazing free music, and understand why we command the respect that we do.

The sixth instalment features a special guest and long-time friend of the ITZSOWEEZEE crew, @J-Lah-1, who delivers a solid mix of Hip-Hop, R&B, and soul. This is a new look for the Toronto DJ, who is continuously evolving and adapting his sound and style. One thing that’s clear, however, is that he definitely doesn’t disappoint. Groove to this!

“I have been doing this for a while now… and i have finally evolved into a style that represents me and hits the soul… heres a little 30 min sneak peek in to my brain… enjoy the mix & tracks!”
– J-Lah

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