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Off a short hiatus  Mr. 12for12 AKA Rez Raida, now Shuttlesworth gives us a 12 track album, Teleportation Exists, with some whimsical tracks and some real deep track. Some great production and dope features. Take it in and enjoy.

We have a teaser trailer to a short film called The Borough. I have had the privileged to see some of the progress via facebook about the the film, and am very excited to post the trailer for all to see.
I have got the great opportunity to have been able to talk to Bryan Edwards, who is the producer, writer and lead actor in The Borough and got some awesome answer for our Thght Process questions.
Im extremely happy as I have learned a lot about Bryan and his road to getting his first short film done.
Enjoy the trailer and the great interview.

UTW-Who are you?

Bryan Edwards-My name is Bryan Edwards. I am a Actor before anything, although for “The Borough” my roles consisted of Producer, Writer as well as Lead Actor. I’ve been an active Actor for over ten-years but had never really considered venturing into my own projects until these past few years. My goals are simple: Deliver cutting-edge cinematic awesomeness and do it very very well. Too many independent filmmakers today (especially in Toronto) are struggling because they don’t “push the envelope.” I strive to push that envelope and ensure that when you (the viewer) watch anything we make, you leave with the satisfaction of knowing you watched something that may not necessarily be Oscar-worthy, but a damn cool piece of art that you can talk about long after you’ve watched it. Simply put – I make movies for YOU.

UTW-What is your passion?

Bryan Edwards-To continue on the idea above – As an Actor, I live and breathe other filmmakers work. I channel their passion through myself and try to deliver their inspiration into my own work. Everyone needs a mentor, I literally have thousands, who inspire me every day to create something just as bold and innovative as theirs. My passion for filmmaking is driven by my peers. With my upcoming work I hope to join the ranks of my idols in delivering quality content that leaves a lasting impression. As a child I grew up watching some of the biggest blockbusters to-date and that is the direct cause for me doing what I do today. Acting is my passion, above and beyond any aspect of the industry, although lately I’ve been challenging myself with more production-related roles to get a better understanding of how the filmmaking process works. I feel knowing all facets of the business is an asset to better understanding the requirements as an Actor and what the audience needs from you. After all, you are your product and you must know what you’re selling and to whom you are selling your product to.

UTW-What’s your biggest accomplishment to date?

Bryan Edwards-My biggest accomplishment is “The Borough,” without a doubt. This project had literally zero-budget to work with and we still managed to pump out something pretty cool to watch. We had originally set up a campaign with IndieGoGo to try to raise funding, but we did not reach our goal. What money we did raise had a specific use once we got to the post-production process. After begging and pleading and hiring some extremely talented artists to work for free, we completed the film. We had our rocky moments and our last minute fallouts, but I’m proud to say those who stuck with the project are dear to my heart and deserve every ounce of acknowledgement this film receives. I am a firm believer that filmmaking is a team effort and I cannot take any credit for something we did as a whole. I was very blessed to get this far with this project, regardless of its fate. We are all very excited for what comes after this. And believe me, there will be more!

UTW-Perseverance is key in proving to yourself AND any detractors out there. We tell em’ “You thought wrong” what else would you like to say to any doubters right now?

Bryan Edwards-I take any and all “hating” as positive feedback. Without naming names, “The Borough” suffered quite a bit of stress as we had people back out in order to do paid work. I respect everyone who is in this to make a buck, but at the same time, there is a satisfaction to sacrificing a paycheck to adventure into the unknown. “The Borough” was a joke over a coffee a few years back, and it blew up into an entire short film. That being said, along the road we suffered a lot of insult and injury, but it only fed my desire to get the project completed even more. Every backstab and negative comment only poured fuel onto the fire that ignited the passion to fight toward the goal. In short and to be as childish as possible – You did it with handouts. We did it with nothing.

UTW-Thanks for everything, where can people find your work and get in contact with you?

Bryan Edwards-Thanks for the opportunity! You can follow me on Twitter (@BryanEdwards1) for any updates/randomness regarding me personally, or you can go on over to “The Borough’s” Facebook Fan Page for updates on the short film and its release information: