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We have Chris Morris, we have been support him for a min now, and to show his love to us within his new project, he has J Com representing UThghtWrng on the intro of the project. Much respect to you Chris.
He new project ‘Hip Hop Fell In Love With Me’ is just so ill, we have a little quote from DatPiff to explain a little about the project.

A conceptual project telling the story of his love affair with hip-hop dating back to the age of 12, the project features 20 original tracks from the West Palm Beach representative

Enjoy Yall

SIM SIMMA! We’re giving you the keys to the Bimma!

Uthghtwrng.com Presents:


Music by DJs Sanga Genesis & Punjaycan

Hosted by Crossword & J-Com

Serving up Hidden Gems & Forgotten Classics

All in Caribana style! Hip Hop / Reggae / Dancehall / Rhythm N’ Blues

Photos by Slick Nick

College Street Bar – 574 College St.

$5 before midnight

Bare ratchetry ALL night

Facebook event page-SATISFACTION: Caribana Edition

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Facebook Page-UTHGHTWRNG[Pictures can be

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The house party is a nostalgic throwback, a spontaneous yet meticulously operated explosion. The art of the house party is woven in its fabric; a no-holds-barred gathering place for friends, crews, and acquaintances, unified in conjunction.

Once a month in downtown Toronto, locals with a fever for the flavour head over to College Street Bar for SATISFACTION. Adhering to the dictations of vibe and groove rather than playlist and trend, resident deejay Sanga Genesis digs in the crates to seamlessly blend intuitive mixes on the spot.

Hosts Crossword and J Com get in the mix, pleasing partygoers with outrageous character and candy treats. Even the photographers and videographers get in on the fray, swapping roles and engaging with the crowd.

Each month a guest DJ takes the helm alongside Sanga Genesis, bringing their own unique flavour that insinuates that like our fondest memories of house parties, each one is distinctly different. Let go of the norm; Be one with the beat; As the SATISFACTION crew make your cypher complete.

College Street Bar is located at 574 College St., west of Bathurst St. Cover is $5 until midnight, $10 after. SATISFACTION is a 19+ event. Check Uthghtwrng.com for monthly details.

Facebook Event-SATISFACTION: May 19th

Jaff is giving us a second video of his album About Time called Cold World. This video really displays his roots and where he comes from within TO, and just how cold this place is. Yet we can never let our dreams go, always make sure we aspire to what we can be, if your don’t believe who will.
With that I will leave you with the video, also check out Jaffs Thght Process Q & A below.
Shout out to Annie Armstrong for the dope video.

Cold World- Jaff from Uthghtwrng on Vimeo.

UTW-Who are you?
Jaff-The name’s Jaff and I’m an emcee from Toronto

UTW-What is your passion?
Jaff-I love music, I love listening to it, making it, how it brings everyone together. I love that feeling you get when you’re bumping a track and just vibing, it’s like nobody can tell you nothing! But more specifically I love hip hop, the culture and the art form. I’d say I’m most passionate about my contributions to Hip Hop and making sure good music always stays relevant.

UTW-What’s your biggest accomplishment to date?
Jaff-My biggest accomplishment so far has been completing my first album “About Time”. Which just dropped today, 11/11/11. I feel like this project was 25 years in the making, and to finally have it done it’s a great feeling. I got to work with so many talented people in the process, most being from my camp and the friends and family I surround myself with…for real it’s been a labour of love, and it’s only just the beginning

UTW- Perseverance is key in proving to yourself AND any detractors out there. We tell em’ “You thought wrong” what else would you like to say to any doubters right now?
Jaff– As far as the sceptics go…I don’t really pay them any mind. You’re never going to be able to please everyone nor am I trying to. In one of my tracks I say “I’m not asking for all of you to love me/ but if you do I’ll give you nothing but me, trust me!” And that’s my philosophy. I’d tell them if you’re down with me, hop on now while you still can, if not see ya later…cause regardless I’ma keep it moving!

UTW- Thanks for everything, where can people find your work and get in contact with you?
Jaff-I’m here man…people can hit me up on twitter @jaffonline, facebook Cailin “Jaff” Jaffray. Email jaffonline11@gmail.com. You can check out my music at soundcloud.com/jaffonline. And if you wanna follow me and my team check out uthghtwrng.com



UThghtWrng Presents: SATISFACTION: Going Back to Cali Edition w/ Mister Mike

Hollywood is a place synonymous with Celebrities, Fame and the Rock-star lifestyle. Nightlife in Hollywood is driven by the biggest tastemakers and connoisseurs. Mister Mike is the dj for those discerning music loving party rockers.

He’s been holding down weekly residences in some of the hottest clubs in Beverly Hills and Hollywood such as the Confidential, the Beverly, and Trousdale. Combining a deep love of all genres of music with an amazing grasp of what is relevant and current, Mister Mike’s ability to rock parties with his unique style is uncanny.

On Saturday, March 24th, Mister Mike joins the Satisfaction squad to bring that Hollywood flavour to Toronto. Swapping sets with resident Sanga Genesis, the two DJs will be providing Satisfaction’s signature eclecticism with a west coast twist. Needless to say, party rockers JCom and Crossword are about to get extra belligerent for this one!

$5 before midnight | $10 after | 19+ | College Street Bar | 574 College St.

More Info On Facebook-SATISFACTION: Going Back to Cali Edition w/ Mister Mike

New year, new guest DJ, same kickass attitude!

Hip hop started out in the Boogie Down Bronx. We’re starting out the 2012 Satisfaction season with the Boogie Down edition. With one of Toronto’s premiere DJs in tow, DJ MelBoogie, expect another groundbreaking night from one of this city’s pioneering parties on the College St. strip.

At Satisfaction, we take the rules and give them a back alley beat down. Living by the code of the house party, anything goes. So let’s meet the characters behind the night. Sanga Genesis, our resident on the 1’s and 2’s; JCom, the host who boasts the most toasts; and Crossword, the captain clad in the sailor’s hat. With the award winning DJ MelBoogie on board, the night is guaranteed to satisfy your appetite for good music, good vibes, and good times.

College Street Bar is located at 574 College St., west of Bathurst St. Cover is $5 until midnight, $10 after. Satisfaction is a 19+ event.

More info on: